What You Need to Redesign Your Website

With the New Year quickly approaching, most business owners are eager for a fresh start.  I always think about what can I change and improve upon in the upcoming year that will move my business forward.   A new day, new week, or fresh month, I tend to get the same feeling, but a New Year seems to be the most magnified for people.


I get a lot of comments from business owners who are struggling with their website and are looking to make a change. It can feel like an overwhelming project to conquer!  Today, I’m going to dive into what you need to redesign your website because this is one big change that I know business owners are about to face in 2018.


With the New Year there comes a new plan of action and sometimes it can involve a change in your businesses’ direction- small or large.  No matter what, your website should reflect what your business is all about while keeping up with the trends.


So, before you begin to redesign your website, here is a list of items you need to know.


Clear Vision

A clear vision is always step #1 in any web design project.  I always begin the process of defining my vision by writing 1-2 sentences that summarize the finished product.  This is basically a mission statement for your website.  Your vision defines the path to putting together a perfect website for your business.


The vision I wrote before I redesigned my website this year was: “The LR Design & Marketing website will showcase my web design and digital marketing services- not only the design aspect but the impact on a businesses’ bottom line.  The website will educate business owners on best practices in web design and digital marketing clearly and concisely.”



Your website is the hub of all your marketing.  Each piece of email marketing, print literature, social media, events, and any other forms of marketing you do should point back to your website.  It all needs to have the same look/feel and all resonate with your target audience.  Your branding includes your logo, color scheme, fonts used, and overall style.  It’s important to establish (and be happy!!) with your branding before you kick off a website redesign project.


Find Your Voice

Your business persona or “voice” is often overlooked by business owners.  You need to look at your business as if it were one person who is connecting to your target market.  It seems like a weird concept at first, but the more defined your business voice is, the easier it’s going to relate to your audience.  This voice should set the tone for the content on your website as well as your marketing pieces such as blog posts, social media posts, and emails!


Content Calendar

I love to plan and have a schedule, so creating a content calendar always feels good!  In the beginning stages of your website redesign process, a content calendar can help you lay down a roadmap.  I recommend making a list of topics and categories (these are typically KEYWORDS) that you want to focus your website content on going into the future.  Having a content calendar ready to go before your new website is complete will be a huge weight off your shoulders.  Your website alone will not market itself!  It takes a lot of writing and sharing to gain heavy traction.  Some examples of items that could be on your content calendar are blog post topics, case study topics, email schedules, social media ideas, video topics, course topics, and so much more!


Set Goals

Your new website should have some big goals attached to it!  Whether you are just looking for more brand awareness or are looking to sell 1000 widgets online, you need to set goals to accomplish before your new site is live.  This gives your designer a clear picture of what you are looking to accomplish.  Your website cannot generate these goals alone, but it CAN be set up to display your message clearly, properly deal with the traffic that comes in, and impress your visitors to make the conversions you’re looking for.


A website redesign is an incredibly satisfying process.  It’s a big project that yields results in the end.  Not only does it give your business a way to connect with your audience, but it’s something that you should be proud of and eager to share.  If you’re looking to redesign your website, I can help you launch a beautiful and effective site that will give back to your business for years to come.  Get in touch with me today!