How to Build Trust with your Website’s Visitors

Your website is your own little slice of the internet. It should be unique, highlight your specialties and communicate why you do what you do. As a business owner, it’s tough to not only to separate yourself from the competition, but also build trust with your potential customers. Most likely, there are many businesses out there that do exactly what you do—or something very similar. Why should they trust YOU?

Anyone can launch a website and start generating content, but it takes something special to gain a true following and to convert visitors into customers. This is where establishing credibility and TRUST comes in. Let’s get into the simple strategies you can put into place right away.


Clean & Modern Design 

Nothing screams amature hour more than an outdated site that looks like it was built in 1994. While 90’s fashion may be making a comeback, the design trends of the past are NOT. An important factor in a credible and professional website is a modern web design that’s clean and easy to navigate. You don’t need to incorporate anything fancy—a site that is user friendly and visually appealing is well on its way to building visitor trust.


Customer Reviews 

Customer reviews have a huge influence over another purchaser’s decision making. Research has shown that the majority of online shoppers use reviews to determine what products and services to buy. Ask both your current and past customers for Google reviews, Facebook reviews or just ask them to email a short blurb that you can display on your website. Positive reviews have the power to strengthen your site’s creditability instantly!


Accessible Contact Info 

How frustrating is it when you land on a site you want to learn more about, and you can’t find any contact information? I don’t know about you, but I feel as if it’s a red flag when there is no location, local phone number or easy way to get in touch with a real person. I recommend you display your contact information in either the header or footer of your website and also have a clear “contact” page where you display all of your info along with an online contact form.


Check Your Links

404 PAGE NOT FOUND. Ugh, annoying right? If you’re site has broken links, the majority of visitors are going to back out of your site which means you just lost a potential customer. Go through your site and ensure all of your links are functional and result in the correct page display. This is an easy way to maintain your reputation and gain trust.


Valuable Content

When you land on a website that’s filled with valuable and relevant information, you’re much more likely to stick around. Creating valuable website content positions you as a thought leader in your industry which in turn, builds trust! You’ll not only be growing a well-informed audience, but you’ll also be encouraging others to share your content and be discovered by more and more people. Here are a few tips on generating valuable website content to build visitor trust:

  • Be consistent & publish on a regular schedule
  • Provide educational information on relevant topics
  • Answer common questions and always deliver solutions


Next Steps

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