3 Goals I Achieved in 2020

WOW, 2020 is coming to a close in just a few weeks! I know many of us have had a really rough year—the stress of COVID and the uncertainty of the future has hit us all hard. I think this year has taught us some pretty big lessons. For me, it’s put my life into perspective and has shifted my views on what’s important.

While this year was hard and very different, it was also wonderful for so many reasons. I’m beyond grateful for the love and support around me—from my family, friends, all the amazing business colleagues / rock stars I get to work with every day, to the clients who trust and appreciate my work. Basically, I feel that there is a lot to be thankful for regardless of the 2020 headaches.

In honor of the approaching New Year, I wanted to look back on the 3 big goals I achieved this year!

Bought a House

The most exciting personal milestone in 2020 was that Steve (the husband) and I bought our very first home! This past February, we closed on a home just a few miles outside of downtown Asheville. It has a beautiful yard for our dogs and I finally have my very own home office! It’s been a DREAM. We moved in a week before North Carolina went into lockdown and it has been so nice to have extra space during quarantine.

House projects and maintenance has kept us very busy during many months of staying at home—I’ve also realized how much I enjoy mowing the lawn 😆

Business Expansion

LR Design has grown and expanded quite a bit this year. I’ve been able to take on a variety of new SEO clients, new web design projects, monthly content writing as well as digital marketing and user experience consulting work.

I celebrated the 3-year anniversary of taking my business full-time and it’s amazing how much things have changed since April of 2017!

Along with new work, I hired my first employee which has allowed me to grow my business even further. Hiring a trustworthy and highly productive person to help me has been one of the best improvements I have made in 2020! Learn more about LR Design’s Content Specialist, Emily on my about page.

Emily Krill

Improved Work/Life Balance

Since having more help with my business and daily tasks, I’ve been able to prioritize a healthy work/life balance this year. Before 2020 I had a very hard time dedicating time for myself outside of work. This year, I’ve been able to set a nice morning and night routine that doesn’t involve my laptop. I started a veggie garden this summer, read a bunch of books (my favorite non-fiction was Shoe Dog and my favorite fiction was Dead Zone) and experimented with more homecooked meals.

Hello 2021

There’s always something special about walking into a New Year. It’s not only a fresh start but also a time to reflect and plan for the future. I’m ready for another remarkable year—how about you? Cheers!