Campaign Planning Checklist

Do you feel like you need to be a better marketer? Promoting your business is tough work. When you don’t have a plan, it’s even harder to make traction!   Prepping for a launch of a new product / service or if you just want to promote what you already sell, it’s best to have a plan of action and ways to measure your success.

The definition of a marketing campaign is a coordinated series of steps that includes promotion of a product or service through different mediums (online, print, multi-media, etc..) using different advertisements. Usually, your campaign will carry a well-defined theme and deliver the same message throughout each promotional initiative.

Successfully implementing marketing campaigns requires laying a strong groundwork of understanding and processes. This checklist will help ensure you start off in the right direction!


The Campaign Planning Checklist:

  • Define Your Audience– Know who your targeting. What are their main concerns? Check out this article to learn more about defining your target market!
  • Have a Library of Content– Content is key to the success of any marketing campaign. You need to have plenty of content ready to go. Some examples could include: blog posts, social media posts, social media ads, videos, emails, print graphics, etc..
  • Get Creative– Your marketing campaign needs to stand out from the crowd- think outside of the box!
  • Understand your Sales Cycle and Market Timing– Map out the stages of your sales cycle. Know the typical length of each stage and how often you should connect with prospects.
  • Define your KPIs– Set Goals and a way to track marketing metrics. Use tools such as Google Analytics for your web traffic, or HootSuite for your social media activity. Your marketing campaign cannot be successful unless you define what success is!
  • Segment- Understanding your target audience is one thing, now break that down into different segments of users. This will help you focus on your prospects particular need instead of mass emailing thousands of people with the same promotion.
  • Solve a Problem– Your marketing campaign should always be solution driven. What problem are you solving for your user? Address that need and focus on how you can help others.
  • Present a Valid Case– You need to present a valid case in each piece of content and advertisement. This will demonstrate you are an expert and show the value you bring to the user.
  • Show More Resources- When applicable, link to the additional content you have. This will keep visitors exploring your site and learning from you.
  • Focus on your Prospective Clients– One of the most important things about a marketing campaign is focusing on the needs of your target user. Always keep them, as well as solving their problems at the forefront.
  • Allocate Responsibilities– Define who on your team is responsible for each piece of your marketing campaigns. Who will be writing, making graphics, producing videos, posting on social media, web designing, and tracking metrics?
  • Test, Test, Test– No one ever gets it all right the first time! Be ready to track and try again until you find what works for your business.


This checklist is just a starting point!  Use this to help you get more organized and focused on your goals! Keep marketing, testing, creating, and getting at your business goals!