My Digital Marketing Process

I’ve been working on a variety of digital marketing projects over the past few years and I’ve since put together a process that has been making my clients very happy! Web traffic is going up, SEO terms are ranking higher, and leads are pouring in. At the end of each month, it’s very satisfying to see all your hard work pay off with factual statistics to back it all up. Let’s break down all the different digital marketing tactics you can apply today to generate the same results for your business.


What is digital marketing? It’s a term that describes all your online marketing efforts. Such things as Google search, social media, email marketing, and your website itself. Marketing has always been about connecting with your target audience. Today, it means that you need to meet them where they are already spending most of their time… ONLINE!

digital marketing process



Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing your website to rank higher in search engines when searching for key terms that describe your business. Optimizing your site will bring in more traffic to your website because visitors can easily find you when searching on Google or other search engines.


Content Creation

Content marketing is the creation and promotion of new content on your website for generating leads and brand awareness. Writing content on your website regularly is the MOST important piece of digital marketing you can do (in my opinion). Without it, SEO, social, and email marketing will be nearly impossible. You can start by starting a blog on your website and writing on topics that include keywords that are related to your business. Work to identify what your target market’s goals and struggles are so you write about how to help them. Some content formats include:

• Blog posts
• EBooks
• Infographics
• Videos
• Case studies
• Press releases


Email Marketing

Using email marketing is a great way to communicate with your audience. You can use email marketing to promote your content and direct people to your website. You should be keeping in touch with your audience on a regular basis, so emailing them at least once a month is a no brainer. Depending on your business, you may want to send them more often!


Social Media

I love using social media to promote content and show your audience a different side of your business. Social media can be a more relaxed atmosphere and can help show your audience about the people behind your company. It also helps to drive traffic and increase brand awareness.


Google AdWords/ Pay-Per-Click

Pay-Per-Click or PPC is a method of driving traffic to your website by paying every time your ad is clicked on. This is done by setting up a Google AdWords account, conducting keyword research, and writing ads for your business. These ads show up in search engines and you are paying for the placement on the results page.


Google Analytics

Reporting is so important when implementing a digital marketing strategy. Your Google Analytics account will help you track your progress and determine how well your website is performing.  I typically track from conversions, organic search terms, website sessions, and most popular pages at a minimum.  You can find out so much information about your website’s performance through Google Analytics and it can be used to build a successful digital marketing plan.


Does Digital Marketing Work for All Businesses? Yes! Regardless of what your business sells, digital marketing can work to bring in more traffic, leads, and customers. While it will work for every type of business, it doesn’t mean that the digital marketing strategy should be set up the same for all. For B2B businesses, your end goal is typically to generate high quality leads for your sales people. You may want to focus some of your efforts on business focused channels such as LinkedIn where your target audience is spending their time. B2C companies end goal is typically an online purchase. In this case, you will want to focus on building an accelerated buyer journey. This could be done by creating strong calls to action within your digital marketing content and promoting your information on social channels such as Instagram and Pinterest.


I’ve used all of these tactics with my clients, who are in all types of industries from consumer products, manufacturing, medical practices, and much more!  Contact me today to discuss your digital marketing project!